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Spiritual Narcissism and Savior Complexes in New Age

July 21, 2021

This week, Dr. Lana and Mimi return to their regular format and discuss Spiritual Narcissism and Savior Complexes in New Age.

New Age spirituality can be an incredibly attractive place for anyone with a savior complex or need to fix others. While it’s incredibly easy for some to get caught up in the flattery of people believing you have magical powers, it can unfortunately lead to charlatanism, false teachings, or abuse. We discuss possible reasons why some people believe they can heal diseases and what are the red flags to look out for when joining spiritual communities or teachers. Finally, Dr. Lana puts to rest the popular new age myth that all abusive relationships involve a narcissist or someone with Narcissism Personality Disorder.


Here’s the episode rundown:

  • Dr. Lana’s disclaimer (also available on our website)
  • Dr. Lana gives us brief definitions of the various savior complexes that exist
  • We discuss John of God and the many red flags that were present before his arrest (one major hint was having the words “OF GOD” in his name)
  • Spiritual healers and the unconscious “need to fix” behind certain claims (like "healing autism," etc.)
  • Dr. Lana sheds some truth behind all those “Why are Empaths attracted to Narcissists” articles (check out our episode on Empaths for our perspective on highly sensitive people).
  • Possible red flags to look out for and solutions for letting go of new age healers/teachers/influencers with savior complexes.

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