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Episode 6: Conspirituality and Nazi Hippies, with guest Jules Evans

Episode 6: Conspirituality and Nazi Hippies, with guest Jules Evans

October 4, 2020

We're very pleased to welcome our first podcast guest: author and philosopher Jules Evans, who is here to discuss his two must-read Medium pieces on Conspirituality and Nazi Hippies. 

Jules is a research fellow at the Centre for the History of Emotions, Queen Mary University of London,  researching the history, philosophy and psychology of well-being, and how different cultures define and seek human flourishing. He is the author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations, on how Greek philosophy inspired Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and of The Art of Losing Controlon how people find ecstatic experiences in modern western culture. His new book Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency, co-written and edited with Tim Read, is now available at Aeon Books or through any book retailer. 


Here's the episode rundown: 

  • Jules shares his early experiences with psychedelics and depression and the near-death experience that changed the course of his life;
  • How to find balance between the rational and the emotional or spiritual;
  • Conspiracies, psychics, and Teal Swan;
  • Jules makes a parallel between current events and the 80's Satanic Panic;
  • The history of New Age and its roots in extreme far-right movements;
  • Could decriminalizing psychedelics be part of the answer and in the future for Western spirituality?
  • Spiritual wisdom and hope in dark times: how activities like online yoga or meditation and Google searches for "prayer" increased during COVID.


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This interview was recorded via Zoom on September 25, 2020 and has been edited and condensed for time and clarity.


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Episode 5: Conspiracies and Spiritual Bullies

Episode 5: Conspiracies and Spiritual Bullies

September 9, 2020

Have you ever been trolled online, called a "sheep" or "sheeple," or told to wake up by someone who says they’re all about the "love and light"? And why are there so many spiritual people into conspiracy theories anyway? In Episode 5: Conspiracies and Spiritual Bullies, we try to figure it all out and take an in-depth look at spiritual bullying in online communities.


Here's the episode rundown:

  • Shout out to our 100th Facebook follower!
  • Lana explains what is bullying and how it can be defined in the context of spirituality
  • We discuss gaslighting, a form of manipulation that is used to deceive someone into questioning their sense of perception or reality and give an example of its damaging effects with a story that happened in a new age spiritual Facebook group
  • Mimi sheds a light on how social media algorithms have affected our sense of perception and our ability to empathize, and how online propaganda creates division by triggering emotional responses that will bring us to share something without questioning its origin
  • Lana helps us understand the behavior
  • How to leave an online spiritual group or person who is using the tactics we mentioned (bullying, gaslighting, manipulation, etc.) and who no longer reflects your personal values
  • Our final thoughts and personal opinions on the matter


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Episode 4: Empaths who lack empathy (part 2)

Episode 4: Empaths who lack empathy (part 2)

August 2, 2020

In part 2 of our special on Empaths (listen here if you missed part 1), we dig a little deeper in trying to understand why so many people - especially women - choose to identify with a spiritual label that often times doesn't help in reconciling one's heightened sensitivity with other interrelated conditions.


Namely, we discuss the following:

  • Could psychology's historic biases towards women and femmes could be to blame for women having so few options in understanding their sensitivity?
  • Could neurodiversity also include people who experience extra-sensory perception?
  • We expose ethically questionable and harmful practices some spiritual teachers and leaders continue to engage in


On the next episode of Screwed Up: Spiritual bullying. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening and supporting the podcast! 


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Screwed Up Trailer

Screwed Up Trailer

July 26, 2020

Mimi Bonhomme and Dr. Lana Holmes critique, expose and explain the New Age industry for listeners.

Episode 3: Empaths who lack empathy (part 1)

Episode 3: Empaths who lack empathy (part 1)

July 26, 2020

Ever met a spiritual person who identified as an Empath but who didn’t show much empathy?


Or Empaths who go through daily rituals like shielding from the world or people with bad vibes?


Is it possible to have empathy for others when we believe our spirituality is solely about maintaining equilibrium, nurturing only happy thoughts or avoiding negativity? 


In Part 1 of their special on new age spirituality and empathy, Dr. Lana Holmes and Mimi Bonhomme ask, “What’s screwed up about the label ‘Empath’?”


In New Age spirituality, the label Empath is also often understood to have a more supernatural aspect to it, as in someone who is not only deeply empathic, but who also has a telepathic understanding of another’s feelings, which is why many refer to it as part of their identity, without really considering that other important aspect to it, y’know…empathy.


Dr. Lana and Mimi discuss the first thing that can happen when you get involved in New Age, namely, be given a label to acknowledge your “specialness” or difference. 


They dissect the term Empath: what it means, and what it means to be empathic.  Dr. Lana explains why shielding ourselves from “toxic” people or negative energies can actually cause harm to others.


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Episode 2 : New Age’s Problem with Black Lives Matter

Episode 2 : New Age’s Problem with Black Lives Matter

June 14, 2020

Please note this episode was recorded on June 4, 2020.

In this episode, we discuss New Age's problem with Black Lives Matter, specifically practitioners who profess that "All Lives Matter" or who identify as "color blind." Dr. Lana Holmes explains why refusing to acknowledge systematic racism is harmful and opens up about her painful interactions with white spiritual practitioners. This is an important conversation and one that we feel not enough spiritual practitioners are having. Thank you for listening!

Episode 1 : Setting the tone

Episode 1 : Setting the tone

June 9, 2020

From formal introductions to New Age and white supremacy: we've got the goods!

And yes, we're aware our audio sounds horrible. It's our first episode and we're in two different countries. Be kind. :) 

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