Screwed Up

Episode 3: Empaths who lack empathy (part 1)

July 26, 2020

Ever met a spiritual person who identified as an Empath but who didn’t show much empathy?


Or Empaths who go through daily rituals like shielding from the world or people with bad vibes?


Is it possible to have empathy for others when we believe our spirituality is solely about maintaining equilibrium, nurturing only happy thoughts or avoiding negativity? 


In Part 1 of their special on new age spirituality and empathy, Dr. Lana Holmes and Mimi Bonhomme ask, “What’s screwed up about the label ‘Empath’?”


In New Age spirituality, the label Empath is also often understood to have a more supernatural aspect to it, as in someone who is not only deeply empathic, but who also has a telepathic understanding of another’s feelings, which is why many refer to it as part of their identity, without really considering that other important aspect to it, y’know…empathy.


Dr. Lana and Mimi discuss the first thing that can happen when you get involved in New Age, namely, be given a label to acknowledge your “specialness” or difference. 


They dissect the term Empath: what it means, and what it means to be empathic.  Dr. Lana explains why shielding ourselves from “toxic” people or negative energies can actually cause harm to others.


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