Screwed Up

Spirituality, Toxic Positivity and Ableism

December 22, 2021

In the nearly two years of us doing this podcast, we've discussed, in various ways, how New Age and spiritual communities foster an oppressive and hostile environment for anyone who isn't positive, healthy, happy or priviledged in some way. It's no surprise then that we decided to tackle head on spirituality, toxic positivity and ableism

Specifically, we discuss how ableism shows up in New Age spirituality, for example with dismissive attitudes and comments that are meant to deny or negate a disabled person's experience, or through inspiration porn and other "Good vibes only" nonsense.

Don't just take it from us, read up on other people's experiences with ableism in spirituality, or listen to what they have to say about it (the latter links to a TikTok video). 

Here's the episode rundown: 

  • We start with a sad announcement!
  • Dr. Lana defines what ableism is
  • Internalized ableism
  • Shit New Agers say: closed chakras causing AIDS and other BS
  • A brief history of ableism: puritans and the Medical Model
  • Inspiration Porn
  • Examples of how ableism shows up in New Age/spiritual circles
  • Shit New Agers do: Mimi talks about an actual workshop that was created on "how to do mediumship like an autistic savant"
  • How a positive-only mindset creates an unsafe environment for people with disabilities
  • How to be inclusive and mindful about our internalized ableism, as spiritual entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, etc. 
  • Tips for social media
  • Happy Holidays from Mimi and Dr. Lana!

For resources and links discussed in this episode, please visit the episode's webpage at

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