Screwed Up

Season 2, Episode 1: We Need to Talk About Psychics and Mediums

March 31, 2021

Guys, we need to talk about psychics and mediums.

A good portion of QAnon conspiracies and disinformation within New Age was and is spread by "psychics" making prophetic claims that never happen, without anyone ever holding them accountable for it. The responsibility that psychics and mediums have is particularly important, because they will often times have a LOT of followers who will also too often believe and trust them over their own family, friends, and/or experts. In this episode, Mimi and Dr. Lana take their experiences within psychic and medium communities to talk about the responsibilities that comes with making claims to be psychic or having mediumistic abilities on social media, especially in 2021.

How do we personally know about what this responsibility entails, you might ask? Because in 2016, Mimi created the short lived online community Psychic Punx, where they and other mediums, including Dr. Lana Holmes, would “interview” or channel well-known spirits on YouTube, including spirits of colour. The project was sincere and an expression of who we were at the time, but because the world and our own values have changed and evolved since, we felt that it was important to do an episode on this topic and to speak on it from experience. 

What you will not hear us do in this episode is debate whether the supernatural exists or not, whether psychics and mediums are frauds or not, or what psychic and mediumship phenomenon is or isn’t. We are simply going to discuss the world of online psychics and mediums based on what we have observed and experienced ourselves, and make it clear what our own beliefs on the matter are, which nobody has to agree with. The views that are expressed in this podcast are entirely our own.

We had a few technical difficulties getting this episode together, including recording it a first time and not being able to use the recording due to faulty technology. We’re so happy to finally bring you our first show of Season 2!


Besides hearing us say “this is for another episode!” a lot, here’s the episode rundown:

  • It’s Season 2!
  • You know you’ve officially “made it” when you get hate mail!
  • Lana explains what the “ego” actually is

On the emotional and spiritual responsibility that any new age influencer should have and be accountable to in 2021:

  • Seeing challenging or opposing views as a gift, not a threat
  • Humility and the ability to admit wrongdoing
  • Emotional accountability: this thing New Agers do of blaming spirits or Mercury Retrograde as an explanation for their feelings

On how mixing New Age and social media can make your spirituality stagnant:

  • Having your ego constantly flattered (both on social media and as new age influencer) can be a conduit for ego-boosting, narcissism, or illusions of grandeur rather than growth.
  • The example of Teal Swan and her continued belief that she is an alien who was chosen to be white and beautiful to be “more accessible”

On Psychics and Mediums:

  • Psychics, mediums, and the human bias.
  • Can white mediums do spirits of colour or trans spirits justice, in 2021, by claiming to publicly speak for them?
  • As a non-binary person, Mimi questions why mediums are not thinking outside the box more and looking to the future rather than sticking to outdated, traditional schools of thought that do not represent today’s consciousness and progressive ideas.

On how consumers of New Age can make a difference too:

  • Get REALLY clear about what you will accept and no longer accept or support, as someone who is a consumer of spirituality, wellness, psychics, mediums, yoga, etc.
  • Think about your values and what you look for in a teacher or mentor or someone to look up to for spiritual guidance
  • Are the people you support consistent in their messages? Do they for example claim to have compassion for humanity but then boast about not wearing masks?




Recorded on March 12, 2021

Produced and edited by Mimi Bonhomme

End credit music by The Bran Flakes

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