Screwed Up

New Age’s Appropriation of Native Culture and Spirituality

June 14, 2021

CW: This episode includes discussions of racial discrimination, race-based trauma, and genocide. Please scroll down for various resources and links.

For our 2nd interview of Season 2 of Screwed Up, we wanted to invite a First Nations/Indigenous person active in their spiritual practice to talk to us about New Age’s appropriation of Native culture and spirituality.  We were delighted and immensely humbled to sit down with Mx. Randi Lee (she/they), a Two-Spirit intuitive from the Ojibwe culture. Randi very generously shared their knowledge with us and answered all our questions with patience, wisdom, and grace.

Please note the views shared in this interview are those of our guest. We acknowledge that not all Indigenous peoples may share the same views, opinions, and life experiences.

If you're not familiar with our podcast, we are two ex-new agers who want to have more conversations with spiritual practitioners from marginalized groups or whose perspective is rarely heard. If you missed our first interview in this series, you can start with our episode with Rev. Lindsey Turner, a non-binary Christian pastor who spoke to us about how to incorporate gender-inclusive language in your spirituality. 

About our Guest

Mx. Randi Lee is a Two-Spirit, Métis intuitive from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Their current spiritual practice includes tarot readings and mediumship. Randi was raised in an Ojibwe reserve just outside of Fort Frances, Ontario. This important cultural heritage has informed their spirituality and work throughout their life, including working for United Native Friendship Centre, receiving vocational trainings on cultural diversity, going on Medicine Walks with elders, and participating in various Indigenous ceremonies such as Pow Wows. Follow Randi Lee on Instagram @randixradio and on their Facebook page Mentorship for Magical Mediums.

Here’s the episode rundown:

  • Randi Lee tells us about their personal history and spiritual practice, and what it means to be a Two-Spirit person.
  • Why white sage being mass harvested for mainstream consumption is a problem for Indigenous communities.
  • How to smudge without appropriating.
  • Spirit animals and animal totems: Randi Lee tells us about their Bear Clan, and how animal clans are passed down generationally
  • New Agers and Native spirit guides: Dr. Lana and Mimi share how for some white New Agers, having a Native spirit guide means being exempt from doing the work. Randi Lee gives us their thoughts on how to show up for Indigenous people when claiming to have Native spiritual roots or guides.
  • Lana and Randi share an emotional moment discussing their pain of not being able to trace their ancestors or familial roots
  • We discuss the recent findings of the 215 Native children found in a mass grave in Kamloops, BC., and how this ties into cultural appropriation.
  • How to help: steps new agers and white spiritual people can take to be an ally to First Nations/Indigenous communities

Please note that due to the delicate topics discussed in this episode and out of respect for our guest, their message and their Native culture and heritage, we will not accept ANY negative or disrespectful comments aimed at our guest and/or their experience.

Resources Related to Supporting the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the United States

Canadian Resources

(Note: The resources in this section are for Indigenous survivors of residential schools and their families.)

Indian Residential School Crisis Line - 1-866-925-4419

Indian Residential School Survivors Society -

Indigenous Crisis Support: Where to Find Help

United States Resources

Native American Rights Fund -

(Note: This online article includes helpful information, as well as links to Indigenous organizations and communities).

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

List of 15 books mentioned by Randi Lee on the show:



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