Screwed Up

The Shift and New Age‘s Obsession with Purity

September 1, 2021

New Age’s unhealthy obsession with spiritual, mental, and physical purity is nothing new.  We’ve all seen endless articles, blogs, posts and marketing campaigns that promise to help “cleanse” and “detox” you from all types of unwanted parasites that lower your vibration. This need to cleanse and keep your vibration high at all costs also ties into another staple of New Age beliefs: The Shift.

The Shift is based on the idea that the world will go through a massive energetic “shift” that will trigger a worldwide spiritual awakening. The term is often associated with spiritual purity, in that new agers believe that only those who are enlightened or high vibrating enough will “survive.”  Some believe the “shift” to be a return to the “Divine Feminine,” where the world will be filled with nothing but “love and light.”

As expected, this type of belief also opens the door to a myriad of unethical statements, where terms like “cleansing” are carelessly used to rationalize worldwide, tragic events like COVID and the millions of deaths it has caused.

Special guest appearance by Mimi’s cat Coquine!

Here’s the episode rundown:

  • Dr. Lana explains the difference between the Shift and The Great Awakening
  • The Age of Aquarius, henny!
  • The emotional and historical baggage behind words like “cleansing”
  • Why New Agers write or say deeply unethical things like COVID is “just the world cleansing itself” of “souls who wanted to leave the planet.”
  • What is the attraction behind beliefs like The Shift, and how does it tie into cults like Q
  • Dr. Lana explains why some people experience an emotional or cognitive disconnect when going through a collective trauma
  • Mimi: knowing who you are, working on self awareness and being present in your physical reality should be the ultimate enlightened state of being, with no need to “awaken” to other people’s truths and ideas
  • Entities like Abraham Hicks and Kryon never predict worldwide events, but sure do have lots of opinions about them after the fact!
  • Mimi talks about that time New Agers made fun of people grieving Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral burning down

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