Screwed Up

Episode 4: Empaths who lack empathy (part 2)

August 2, 2020

In part 2 of our special on Empaths (listen here if you missed part 1), we dig a little deeper in trying to understand why so many people - especially women - choose to identify with a spiritual label that often times doesn't help in reconciling one's heightened sensitivity with other interrelated conditions.


Namely, we discuss the following:

  • Could psychology's historic biases towards women and femmes could be to blame for women having so few options in understanding their sensitivity?
  • Could neurodiversity also include people who experience extra-sensory perception?
  • We expose ethically questionable and harmful practices some spiritual teachers and leaders continue to engage in


On the next episode of Screwed Up: Spiritual bullying. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening and supporting the podcast! 


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Produced and edited by Mimi Bonhomme. 

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