Screwed Up

Deconstructing the Divine Feminine and Masculine with guest Rev. Lindsey Turner

May 15, 2021

Guest Rev. Lindsey Turner, a Christian non-binary pastor and astrologer, helps Dr. Lana and Mimi dissect and dismantle a huge new age concept: the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Deconstructing the gender binary within new age and pagan spiritual communities is a conversation topic that is not often had. Well, we wanted to have it! So we asked Rev. Lindsey to join us and give us their perspective, not only as a non-binary astrologer and tarot reader, but also as a queer Christian pastor, and we there for it.

Rev. Lindsey tells us about their journey from politics to Christianity to embracing their NB gender. We also talked and laughed (a lot!) about gendering God, planets, tarot cards, and shit new agers say like “the Divine Masculine is destroying the planet!” Rev. Lindsey gives us tips and ideas on how to speak of the Divine in gender neutral ways.

About our guest

Rev. Lindsey is a Christian, non-binary pastor and astrologer.

They practice humanistic astrology; this means they approach astrology as a complete symbolic system that reflects our own human fullness. As a non-binary person, they approach astrology with the goal of integration. That means that there are no “good” or “bad” people, planets, or charts. They also publish weekly tarot spreads, horoscopes, and forecasts on their Patreon.

You can find Rev. Lindsey posting regularly on their Instagram, which is @bad.pastor

Book an appointment with Rev. Lindsey for astrology, tarot readings, and spiritual direction.

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